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Are you leaving a higher level of care or trying to change the trajectory of your recovery without moving to a higher level of care? An intensive might be the right answer for you. 

Get ready for an Intensive with this free support pack!

Kind Words

 "I like to call Jessica-Lauren's Intensives a "reroute or regroup." It’s bootcamp without “feeling” like bootcamp. I have used an Intensive a few times and gained so much of a confidence boost from it each time. As a consumer of intensive for many reasons, I feel I can speak freely that this unique approach really works! It has saved me from leaving my family and going back to a treatment center! Wow! Rest assured that Jessica-Lauren will spend a substantial amount of time with you and your support people. She really does care so much.  If everyone in your life is pushing for a higher level of care, I encourage you to reach out to Jessica Lauren. She has always been my positive, encouraging cheerleader. And for all of the above reasons and more, I am eternally grateful that Adonai has used Jessica Lauren as a vessel in my life. " A recovery warrior, J 

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