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Severe and Enduring Eating Disorder Recovery

I came to Jessica Lauren weary, broken, and discouraged from a very long battle with my eating disorder. I came to my first appointment with Jessica Lauren ready for more of the same guilt, shame, and arguing that I'd experienced around food that I'd experienced in my previous treatment attempts. What I wasn't prepared for was for someone to have compassion for how tough of a place I had found myself in, someone who cared about me and my food intake, someone equipped to challenge me without isolating or shaming me, and someone who would ultimately be play a critical role in freedom from my eating disorder that I'd been engaging in for over half my life. 


Over the course of my treatment, Jessica Lauren would come to see all the dark and twisty parts of my eating disorder. And yet, despite the brokenness and dysfunction that was unveiled throughout our work together, she never lost sight of the healed and freed woman I would eventually become. She never stopped fighting for me, even when she went head to head with the ugliest parts of my eating disorder. It was in these weeks her resolve to help me, carried me through. She was my challenger, my prayer warrior, my shoulder to cry on when the weeks were long and exhausting, and my cheerleader as I went head to head with my eating disorder. 


Then slowly, ever so slowly, progress was made. There were more victories than defeats and I began to see what I’m sure Jessica Lauren saw all along. Eventually, we found ourselves in our last session. I sat in the same chair I sat in at the very beginning of our work where we recounted the journey to recovery, and then shared one last tear-filled hug. 


It’s now been two years since that last session and I now live in a world that Jessica Lauren made possible through her radically unique approach. Today, I live in a world where all foods fit, where food doesn't equate to moral value, and where there is (finally) true freedom from my eating disorder. I am so blessed to have received the lifesaving care I did from Jessica Lauren. I highly recommend her unique and compassionate nutrition counseling to anyone struggling with an eating disorder, but especially, those who have tried other approaches without finding freedom from eating disordered behaviors. 


With so much gratitude,

Recovered Client

Faith-Based Nutrition Counseling

"I first walked into Jessica-Lauren’s office my sophomore year of college. I expected to receive help with my eating issues and maybe get a meal plan. I never expected that the Lord would use Jessica-Lauren to completely transform the way I see food and exercise, and most importantly, the way I see Christ. Jessica Lauren’s approach to nutrition is that “every food fits”. ALL foods come from the Lord, and not only that, but so do our bodies! Her recovery focus is internal, not external, helping her clients to restore trust in how God made their bodies, and letting Him into new places in their hearts. Jessica-Lauren practices with patience, understanding, and grace, stemming from the grace that God has given to her. She is not afraid to walk through the trenches with her clients or address their difficult heart issues. She is a safe place and points every step of ED recovery back to the Lord." - JH

Family Dinner

Eating Disorder Recovery and Family Feeding

Jessica-Lauren Newby has been extremely influential in my life and has taught me all about “food freedom.” 
Our version of what we’ve been programmed to believe is “healthy” is quite the opposite of what actually is, and it took me working with Jessica-Lauren to discover this. It’s not our fault for the way we approach food... it’s what we’ve been fed our whole lives through diet culture and not to mention the traumas in our lives connected to food, body and health. Of course food is “scary” to us!
I am not perfect and still deal with my fair amounts of struggles, but I am light years in my progress and am much healthier physically and emotionally after my eyes were opened to the truth. 
I encourage you to schedule an appointment with Jessica Lauren because she has truly enriched my life and I want to share her wisdom with everyone! I have no doubt you will find your time with her extremely beneficial. She is so good at what she does and she can be trusted with all these things.

-  Recovering Client

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